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I missed out on toy cars, so it’s time to revenge – Chamili

A few weeks back singer Jose Chameleone took the showbiz scene by storm when he bought in a state of the art Range Rover Sport ride. For a couple of weeks, the singer got heads turning as he drove to several hangouts in his newly acquired luxurious ride. However, after sometime, Chameleone seemed to have resorted back to his BMW convertible that was given to him by Meddie Ssentongo. But on Sunday, the Valu Valu-singer unleashed a different Range Rover Sport.

Chameleone’s new Range Rover is white. The one he acquired before was silver grey but the singer told us he fell out with the car dealer over tax clearance. “I had paid up most of the money and when I went to pay the last bit, the dealer told me I had to pay taxes for the car.”

“I had already paid more than 200m, so it was becoming a very odd deal. I told him to refund my money and I got a better car at the same money,” Chameleone said. The singer got heads turning in his new ride when he visited Asylum Bar along Namugongo Road in his new Range Rover on Monday.

“Many of the people you interview in Sqoop’s Quick CV section say a Range Rover Sport is their dream car, but I am living the dream,” he joked.

But he even got more compliments when he posted photos of the new ride at his Coco Beach on his Facebook page. “I missed out on toy cars, so let me revenge on this one,” he commented on his picture with several fans congratulating him. Way to go Chameleone!

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