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Hustler: Paul Mwebaza – Glory Images

So you are a graphic designer?
Yes I have a photo studio called Glory Images located in Kansanga. I’m the Managing Director, but I have a business partner. We used about Shs15m to set up the business about two years ago.

Did you study this stuff?
No, I learnt it out of interest during my S.6 vacation. I’m in my final year at Makerere University doing a Bachelor of Economics.

How profitable is the business to you?
Very profitable, I have got to meet very many people and I have worked with people like tycoon Drake Lubega. I always work with Beat FM.

How much do you charge?
Usually, I charge according to what someone wants and what he requires of me. But for a videoshoot, parties, meetings, Shs2.5m is the minimum … so you can do the maths of how much I earn.

What are the biggest challenges in this field?
The biggest is the fact that people want good quality work for less, they are not willing to pay money worthy of their expectations of me. The time limit in which I have to hand in the finished assignment is another issue. Otherwise, no complaints.

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