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Fashion Tip: Where not to wear sunglasses

They are the ultimate cool accesory, but there are several places you shouldn’t be caught wearing sunglasses, unless you are some sort of celebrity.

There is some health benefit attributed to sunglasses, something about protecting your eyes from ultra violet rays, but most important, they are the ultimate cool accessory. For girls, just wear some red lipstick or gloss and don sunglasses and you elevate yourself on the cool ladder. Dudes just add them to complete your outfit.

It is great that shades are versatile can be worn anywhere with all outfits, and in most places, but the way some peeps are carrying on, it is almost necessary for someone to break the news. There are places and times shades are totally inappropriate and after noticing not everyone is as aware as you may think, I took the liberty to point out some. However cool and a rebel you are, please leave your shades behind in the following places and times.

In the nightclub: I know Toniks, Mowzey Radio and their friends may have led you to believe otherwise, but you see these people are performers and they need their props. For the rest of you, what’s with trying to impair your vision further in an already poorly lit environment? The stars, I can understand they have people to lead them like blind people in case they cannot see. It is simply not cool and even if you want to be able to look at people while they can’t see you, have you considered that you also can’t see them that clearly behind dark shades?

At night: For the same reasons as the nightclub. Not cool and why do you want to risk stumbling? Plus the whole point is ultraviolet rays and unless you are in Spain where there is sun at midnight, shades are a no, no!

Outdoors when it is not sunny: Yes, you may be among the health conscious bunch that says we are exposed to ultraviolet rays all the time whether there is sun or not. But really when the sky is overcast and you are sporting shades and trying to act all cool, it looks sad. Wear shades because it is sunny not because you assume it is.

Indoors: Okay, unless you have had eye surgery and are extra sensitive to harsh artificial light, or are hiding a black eye. We can even excuse you if you have been crying or nursing a terrible hangover. The rest of times, really shades indoors just exhibit the level of village in you.

When having a one on one conversation: Unless you are one of the aforementioned performers also known as stars, it is just common courtesy to take off shades when having a one on one, whether an interview or just a conversation. It gives the air of arrogance, like you don’t really care about what the other person is saying. Not cool.

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