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Big Brother: Ugandans holding steady as only 15 housemates left

There have been four voluntary exits and four disqualifications so far. The latest are Maneta and Roki both Ghanaians who were given the boot on Tuesday after a clash. Meanwhile, Sunday saw two other housemates Lee and Junia out of the Big Brother game. Brenda Banura talked to the evicted duo.

Lee, 22, South Africa, Graphic Design Student

What was your favourite moment in the house?
There were so many good moments. I can’t zero down on one. Some were just watching people discuss silly things. The fights, the games, everything else was all fun.

What has your time in the house been like on a whole?
I had to take time to learn each one of the housemates’ personalities before I could interact with them. That has helped me learn how to live with totally different people. I have also gotten to learn more about other countries and cultures. Altogether, it has been an adventurous experience.

What will you miss most about the house?
As housemates, towards the end, we became so close. The bond was stronger and we were like a family, so I will miss the housemates.

What do you think about the Ugandan housemates?
First, I don’t understand the degree of their friendship. Another thing, they say contradicting things about the same things in Uganda. For example Kyle can say Uganda’s welfare and economy are doing badly but Jannette insists that things are not that bad. But as individuals, they are sweet. Jannette is crazy.

Who do you think will win the money?
That will be Keagan and I don’t say that because he is my longtime friend but rather because he is providing entertainment to the viewers. He is controversial and fun.

Jesica, 21, Namibia, Human Resources student

Is there anything you did in the house that you regret?
No, I don’t regret anything. I am young and need to experience things. I would most probably do the same if I was taken back and the game had to start all over again.

You don’t even regret making out with Luke on international Television?
(Laughs) I did what I did and I don’t regret it. And I don’t really care about what people will say or think. I am not answerable to anyone so I will not explain anything.

What is between you and Luke?
(Giggles) We are in a relationship. I spoke to him the day after I was evicted. Though I stay in Namibia and him Liberia we are in a relationship. And I am going to see him soon. It is going to be sooner than everybody expected. I fell in love with him because he is intelligent and straight forward.

What do you think of the Uganda housemates?
Kyle is very mature and doesn’t engage in fights and silly things but Jannette is a wild one especially when she is intoxicated. But she is a beautiful person.

Who do you think will win the money?
I hope it will be Junia but I would bet my money on Keagan. He has more chances of winning but you know things can turn out differently so I am waiting for the winner.

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