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Big Brother: Hair raising housemates

Uganda’s Kyle spotting a wacky hairstyle. Courtesy Photo.

Probably because of boredom, the housemates decided to get all kinds of weird hairstyles. Banura Brenda writes about the funkiest and lousiest hairstyles in Big Brother Stargame led by Uganda’s Kyle.

If you had to stay in a house with over 50 cameras and about 20 microphones all over the house for 91 days with the most minimum of entertainment, what would you do most of the time? After a few weeks you will have settled all the sleep debts you had before entering the house and sometimes the jazz is dry and talking to people doesn’t help. Well, the Big Brother Stargame housemates have come up with a couple of things including gossiping, pulling silly pranks and literally drowning in alcohol. But the funniest of all is having weird hair styles, some fancy, others fake. Below are some of the weirdest hairstyles to grace the Big Brother season 7 house.

Kyle, Uganda
Our boy has had two funny hair styles so, the one where half the head was shaven was not too bad. But currently, he is doing a hairstyle that looks like power went off while his hair was being trimmed or worse. It is so bad. He has the worst hairstyle at the moment.

Keagan, South Africa
The South African’s hairstyle is good. In fact, it says a lot about himself. Keagan is daring, bold and stands out of the crowd without trying too hard. This hairstyle says as much.

Barbz, South Africa
Barbz at one point just decided to do away with the weaves, wigs and go natural. She had cornrows done without any hair fibre. It fit her small round face and gave her an innocent look. She also looked younger and knowing women and their ages that is a good thing.

Zainab, Seirra Leone
This model had relatively long hair when she entered the house. But one day she just woke up and decided to go bald. But she rocked the bald and bold look given that it suited her face.

Mampi, Zambia
With her wig on, Mampi is very attractive. Nothing about her look when with the artificial hair prepared us for what she looks like when her wig is off.

Wati, Malawi
His is a simple old school afro. On the days when he combs it well. It looks nice. Though a style from the past days, it is nice because of its uniqueness at least not as a funny hair style.

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