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Big Brother: Another VIP is shown the exit

Keitta and Barbz awaiting the announcement of the verdict.

Time’s a ticking and one by one, the housemates live the house. On the chopping board this week was Keitta and Barbz. And in predictable news, Keitta was saved. Brenda Banura talked to evicted VIP housemate Barbz about her time in the house.

Barbz, 34, South African, Model and Events Manager

Your diary sessions were almost intimate; do you know who Big Brother is?
(Laughs) No, no, no. Everyone has been asking me that and how I wish I know who Big Brother is. I would love to know who he is. But whoever he is, he had very good voice training because every time I went into the diary room, I felt so comfortable while talking to him and had no problem talking to him about anything. That is probably why it seemed like I know him.

Were you shocked that Goldie didn’t save you?
Judging by her relation with Prezzo I knew it was him that she would save though she promised that she would never betray me. I also noticed that she was kind of unstable so it was no surprise that she didn’t save me. But I am not mad at her, she did what she had to do her own way. It is understandable even though I wouldn’t have done the same if I were in her shoes.

Was there something between Keitta and you? You pampered and doted on him a lot.
(Laughs) Why does every one assume there was something? I like Keitta as a friend and that is it, there are no sexual feelings. Keitta reminds me of my little brother who also likes being looked after. And age wise he is a baby.

Who was your favourite housemate(s)?
They differed from week to week. First it was Goldie and DKB. Then I became close to Zainab. That one stole my heart, (laughs). I really liked her. When Maneta was separated from Mampi she calmed down so I liked to hang with her. Most of these left the house so I have been close to Keitta but unfortunately I didn’t get to know him well because our time together was cut short.

Which housemate did you least get along with?
Prezzo. He knew so much about me by the time he came to the house. So because I am well-travelled and own what I have, he behaved like he questioned my being in the house to get more money. He was so negative towards me. He read so much that even though I am the one that knows the facts, he would make it come off like I am a liar when I am talking about what I have achieved and where I have been. I didn’t like him but thankfully, I never stooped low to look like a fool by indulging him when he attempted to quarrel with me.

Any lessons from your Big Brother experience?
I have learnt that I am stronger than I imagined. While there I never allowed anyone to sway me into doing things out of my character like engaging in immoral behaviour. I didn’t know I can be that firm about principles but it turns out I am. I am so happy that I made my country proud because of that.

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