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Fashion Tip: Flora Galore

Flowers are so in and this time it is about being flowery from head to toe.

Flowers are so in and this time it is about being flowery from head to toe. Here is how to rock the trend.

Most people, I included, will assume wearing floral patterns on the top and bottom is the height of ‘locosis’ if there’s such a word. I mean think about it, if you saw such a person walking down the street, you pray that a bee will mistake them for a walking flower farm and sting them because well, it looks like a fashion faux pas, no?

Well think again before you agree because this is the new trend. In fact chick is donning the ‘innest’ trend (again if there is such a term). Flowers are trending in a big way, meaning they are on everything from dresses, pants and skirts, jewellery and even guy shirts.

For chicks, this is one of those times, we get to have fun with a trend while the dudes look on, I mean seriously, while you can buy into the trend, you have to stick to just the shirt wear dark pants and wait for the goat race. Or you could go to Hawaii or join a live band and wear your floral shirt only on stage. But on a serious note, there seems to be more ways for the girls to wear the floral trend, in leggings, in shoes, handbags, scarves and those lovely dresses. I have seen a few dark coloured floral patterned shirts in blues and greys and purple (a deep masculine one don’t worry) that should look cool so the guys shouldn’t feel left out.

For girls, the trend is to wear flowers on flowers, as in a floral blouse or top with floral patterned pants or a floral patterned skirt as earlier mentioned. But there are various ways you can still rock the trend if you feel the entire floral trend is too over the top. Wear floral print bottoms with a plain top or a floral print top and plain bottom. You can also just get a one piece floral, like a dress, romper or jumpsuit so it is more like you are wearing one pattern all the way as opposed to putting two different patterns together. If you are a shrinking violet and feel this still attracts too much attention, why not wear your usual fare and then splash on floral accessories. Like floral bracelets, necklaces, shoes and bags.

Don’t fear to be too girly, or bright, it is all about in your face print, colour notwithstanding. However, when mixing two or more floral prints, wear them in different sizes like large flowers at the bottom, and smaller prints on top.

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