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Date with a celeb: Alex Muhangi meets Peace Patra Ddamulira

Alex Muhangi watches Peace Patra Ddamulira as she plays the Piano

Alex Muhangi watches Peace Patra Ddamulira as she plays the Piano

( The comedian treated Peace Patra to lots of jokes and real life situations at Fenon Studios located in industrial area)

Hi, nice to meet you, I’m Alex

I’m Peace, it’s nice to finally meet you too.

So Peace what do you do?

I’m in Makerere, studying Social Sciences. What were you studying?
I have a Mass Communication degree and a diploma in Sound Engineering. For comedy, no, I didn’t study comedy. But for the sound production bit of it, I used to play instruments once in a while because in production you have to be hands-on … so now I play instruments every day.

Did you always want to be a comedian?
No, you see, these days you can study anything you want but those days, you had to study what your parents wanted you to do. My parents wanted me to be a lawyer…so I guess that’s what I also wanted.

My grandfather wanted me to be a reverend, I wanted to be a footballer, so I was confused. At school I played everything; volleyball, lawn tennis, football, basketball … yeah even basketball, I’m telling you I was confused.

What are you doing when you are not making people teeth?
I play football, I go to the disco, go to church, I also sing in church (All Saints), I work at Radio West and here at Fenon Studios.

How is your wife?
You babe, what are you looking for? Anyway I’m seriously involved with someone.

Do you get chicks coming backstage for you?
They do but for appreciation because you know chicks can walk up to you if they have liked the show, something men cannot do.

Some ask for my business card or phone number, others will ask to buy you a drink or hang with you. You see for us “crackers” it’s business, you can’t start sleeping around with your clients.

What’s with ‘Tumbavu’, you over use it!
I don’t know, it comes just like that. You want me to stop using it? For us Bakiga, we don’t have anything like insulting.

We say those words without holding back and in most cases I use it when I’m wondering why something was done the way it is, like the guy who said I was arrested.

And facebook? What do you have to say?
It’s the easiest way to relate with people, like in a day I can get over five people who want to be comedians inboxing me. It’s the easiest way to connect to people.

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