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Video: Contagious : Jeff Blaise ft. Sera

Jackie Chandiru

Jackie Chandiru

It’s one of those jams that has many dudes dancing like some gay chaps all singing along in whispers, closing their eyes … jeez! The track sounds okay…ish for the Ugandan market however for the critical listener, this Contagious song is one wacky track that speaks volumes about our so-called Ugandan music scene.

Don’t get me wrong, the track is danceable! Heck when am chilling at Aslyum, one of the hottest hangouts at the moment (until I open mine called… Lwaki Temumatila) I dance to this one with my one and only Irene…yeah she’s one hotttt babe…she has an a**e like hell!

Anyway back to the track; what’s with the bloody autotune all over the track? If Sera can sing, then why have her verses in auto tune? As for Jeff, goodness me, is the dude trying to be some Jamaican brother! If so, then he must be careful because I can see Shabba Ranks shooting the dude!

Over to the video…yeah it’s neat, but again it suffers from the madness that enters artistes when they think they have finally “arrived!” The whole track has Sera feeling so nice seated next to a pool… the whole three minutes of the video! Goodness me, we want to see that fine body, we want to see that video chemistry between her and that Jeff dude; we want to see a lot not some chaps feeling “themselves” like they own the city with like a gazillion hits on them!

Btw Sera do you have a manager? If you don’t have one, holla at me … I will take you places and I don’t mean the end of the year Street Jam at Club Silk!

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