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THE TRACK: Dudu – Goodlyfe ft. shanks gumaras



There was a time, from mid last year, when you started getting the feeling that this experiment was starting to falter.

For some reason, Weasel and Radio had finally become predictable. Their largely Zouk formula had grown a bit tired, with Radio waltzing his voice across the track, and Weasel closely following with his coarse-feeling rap lines.

Pollination, that song that was like a train without its wheels, goes to exemplify this.
Dudu will not go against the prototype of Weasel and Radio songs that we know. In fact, it is the same old style, just a different song. It is a very Ugandan musical thing, that when a musician discovers a style, they stick to it until death does them apart.

What has set acts like Jose Chameleone, and now Weasel and Radio, apart from the rest, is in the ability to keep your ears trapped and held in their loop, even when they are not giving you anything very different from the usual. Dudu, that given different lyrics could have been Kuku or a bunch of their other songs, is simply a sweet song. You will not resist it.

It’s the kind your ears want to eat up on over and over again as if they are chewing the curd. It features Shanks Gumaras (formerly Shanks Vivie Dee) who gives us a bit of the Ragga rap lines we knew him for in the mid 1990s. He is a welcome addition on the song and more than covers up for Weasel’s a little over-used raps.

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