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THE MUSIC VIDEO: Pollination; obssesions Ft. Gooflife

Pollination; obssesions Ft. Gooflife

Pollination; obssesions Ft. Gooflife

The Chorus goes like…Njagala kubela woli…woli … oyagala kubela noli … noli. Now multiply that verse by 10 and we pretty much have the whole song done!

The Goodlyfe crew need a club banger so bad! As for the Obessions, if the two female “singers”, Sharon and Jackie, could start by not wearing the same dress in the same song, yes we saw that bit I this Pollination track…then we could be somewhere! And who names a song such a title? Mbu Pollination! Jesus!

Anyway moving on to the video, shot by Reel 16, it’s actually a good video in the departments of camera angles, all thanks to the camera man, Kevin Mugaya, and the editing too. The colour of the video is not that bad either. However, it’s in the storyline that I have a problem.

You see, if storylines of songs are acted by the artistes who sang the song, for them to pass off as somewhat good, they either have to be comical in terms of role play or intentionally rubbish. However, when the artiste tries to take the role of a professional actor, stunt person or video vixen, they normally get it wrong because they are not exactly that … they are not stunt people but rather singers … full stop.

So if for example Weasel is trying to play the part of this lover to Jackie of Obessions, it comes off rather annoying simply because those two are not actors and can’t make us believe that they are actually in love so bad and can’t do without each other.

What I’m I saying; let Weasel remain as the singer and get professionals to play the different roles in your song. It’s like the way Kalumba stayed clear from singing despite chamilli attempting to recruit him into his Leone Island Crew and concentrated on writing.

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