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THE DVD: Whip it

A movie with the most unique sport activity

A movie with the most unique sport activity

Probably the movie with the most unique sport activity, Whip It is a great watch. Though with an unsuitable title, it brings together a group of very interesting actors. In the flick Babe Ruthless (Ellen Page), Mayhem (Kristen Wiig) and Malice in Wonderland (Kristen Wiig) are members of Hurl Scouts a girls’ roller derby. They are talented but play just for the thrill of it.

They are an annoying happy-go-lucky and yet too silly for you to be mad at them. After losing a game they proudly sing “we are number two…” as if to celebrate yet only two teams were involved. Besides the fun scenes in the movie is an inspirational side to it.

Ruthless who turns out to be the best roller derby is, thanks to her knock knees an outcast. After having been bullied all her life, she learns that it is part of life, you are either a bully or the bullied. It is not a clear cut high school movie though it resembles one.  Whip it is re-watchable – reason for you to hunt for it.  .

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