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THE DVD: The eagle

The eagle

The eagle

First off, because of the old setting, you may think it is boring but it is an interesting movie. The Eagle is an inspiring tale that teaches about persistence, freedom and honour. It is based on Rosemary Sutcliff’s historical adventure novel The Eagle of the Ninth. In restoration of his clan’s honour, a young Roman officer Marcus (Channing Tatum) goes to the enemy’s land to recover the lost eagle symbol.

It means the world to Romans but was lost by his father’s legion in the northern part of Great Britain. The story is based on the Ninth Spanish Legion’s supposed disappearance in Britain. Everyone thinks his is a decision only an insane person can make.  Even the leaders of Rome that would ideally be willing to help get back their country’s symbol don’t offer to help.

Ironically Esca (Jamie Bell) his slave, and of the enemy tribe is the one that accompanies him. It is scary, will Esca make Marcus his slave when they reach the enemy land or will he honour his promise? Marcus puts up a good act, the last scene is most likely going to be your favourite.

Like most British movies, it is straight forward with barely flair.

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