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Rival politicians, glam girls share court

Amama and Nserenko

Amama and Nserenko

The Friday Night lights basketball games at YMCA last Friday was the centre of entertainmentand drama as rival politicians and glamour girls mixed and mingled. This season, the organisersspiced up the games by introducing top socialites Judith Heard and Susan Ochola in a newcelebrity team dubbed LK4. The two girls managed to add pomp to the games as theyshowcased their not so good basketball skills.

But last Friday was different; Prime Minister Amama Mbabazi was the guest of honor at the gamesthat had Lord Mayor Erias Lukwago and Kampala Central legislator Mohamad Nsereko as part ofthe LK4 team.The two politicians, although in different political parties are known spoken critics of the prime

However, the three politicians were united for the time they were on court and actually sat next toeach other and cracked jokes as they watched the rest of the games.But before that, each of the politicians took a turn to make a basket and the Prime Ministerreceived the loudest applause when he shot straight into the basket!

The night didn’t go without drama though. After giving a speech, NRM legislator MohamadNsereko flashed the two-finger sign synonymous with FDC after giving a speech!






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