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Bobi buys wife’s book at Shs7m

You must have thought it a joke when we told you that Barbara Kyagulanyi aka Barbie was writing an autobiography. Well, we were dead serious. We can confirm that Barbie’s book titled Golden Memories of a Village Belle will be out in city book stalls very soon.  As usual, we were the first to see the book which bears a beautiful current photo of Barbie and one of a little Barbie that is in black and white.

The book is 172 pages, “Something you can read in two days,” as Barbie put it. Barbie said the book is based on the hilarious things she saw and went through when she was growing up. “It’s a comic kind of thing …

Kyomu is the character I created to represent me in the book to avoid the appearance of real names.” Barbie told us that her husband (Bobi) is her biggest fan and to prove that, “He read it as I wrote and he has financed all the necessary costs.

He also bought the first copy at Shs7m!” Barbie said as she smiled with excitement.She promised to launch the book at a glamorous event this month.

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