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Bebe now wants wedding

Singer Bebe Cool flew to the US earlier this week. Well, the

singer did not go for a show but rather to spend some time

with his expectant wife Zuena and the children who have been

in Uncle Sam’s land since December.

But before he flew out, Bebe called a few close friends and

family at a hangout in Kampala and talked about holding a

mega wedding this year. But the man has been going around

telling people that he married Zuena so many years ago?
So what does Bebe have to say about that?

The singer explained that he married Zuena at a private

Muslim ceremony some years back. “However, my fans have

been asking me to hold a public wedding and I have given it a

thought,” Bebe said without being exact on the date and


But why another wedding? Does Bebe want to outdo what

Bobi did at his wedding last year? Well, Bebe defined the

question as funny. “If  it’s a wedding, it’s between me and

Zuena! It’s an act meant to seal our relationship further, it’s not

about who got married yesterday, last week or last year and

what they did.”

We are on the alert and we will reveal the date for the wedding

as soon we get wind of it.

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