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THE MUSIC VIDEO: Don’t break my heart By Coco Finger

“Woman I love you please don’t my heart…woman I love please don’t break my heart, coz you will make me cry…” But why do fellas sing these kinds of songs?

What happened to real manly songs with lyrics like, “B**ch you can’t do without me because I bought the Benz, clothes and that iPhone you have…?” Okay, I admit I made up the lyrics but aren’t they better than … “Bwogeza nondeka wo ngenda kwekola ekintu…?”

When a guy with dreadlocks and a funny name like Coco Finger starts whining over a babe leaving them, then what will squeaky voiced Olara Otunnu then sing about?

Dudes cut out the whining in your lyrics! If you are short of lyrics, due to your lack of music knowledge compounded with your limited artistic creativity, then just pull an AK 47 stunt and just mouth off … “Gimee the AK … Gimme the AK … gimme the AK … champion AK” Or get a little confusing and go … “Lengera embaata, lengera enswera.”

Kale enough of that … eh … whining, straight to the video. Directed by 1488, the video going by Coco Finger’s standards is an improvement from the likes of Emikono Wagulu and whichever video he has so far released.

This one has better camera angles, the shooting was done indoors in one location that was used rather well and, Coco Finger we do love the dance in the video.

This dude deserves an album launch. He really has paid his dues and deserves that big pay cheque. Ndowoza Coco Finger’s manager, Emma Carlos, you are reading this and taking note! We don’t want Coco to start singing for us “…Emma Carlos I love but please don’t break my heart by not organising an album launch…”

Typical Coco Finger jam. Passable video.

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