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THE DVD: The clinic

It is always nice to watch a flick where the brain behind it put lots of effort in its making. I mean the kind whose plot is unique, the setting is perfect, the actors are believable and the desired reactions are evoked.

The Clinic fits all the above.  With a setting in an isolated and dark place – it keeps you on the edge of your seat, watching with your eyes wide open. And the bloody scenes and dreams make it totally horrific.

It is a tale about expectant mother Beth (Tabrett Bethell) who is travelling across the country with her fiancé Cameron (Andy Whitfield).  She wakes up alone in an isolated clinic and her baby bump is gone.

She is also freshly stitched from a Caesarean section and her baby is nowhere to be seen.  Instead she is with other mothers with stitches. They embark on a mission to find their babies.

The babies have been held up to establish who of all can survive murder then the survivor’s baby will be given up for adoption. The woman in charge is a psycho – it is unbelievable how heartless she is. This is a must watch.

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