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Sqoop – Get Uganda entertainment news, celebrity gossip, videos and photosSqoop – Get Uganda entertainment news, celebrity gossip, videos and photos

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If there are any plaudits that could be thrown Michael Ross’s way, then it would be for his tenacity. This cat is responsible for starting off…what can I call it… “Luga Rn’B”, having realised that Rn’B sung in our English accents wasn’t exactly the s**t with many Ugandans.

But he didn’t give up. Dude kept on grinding. Even when some so-called “critics” the likes of Kalumba who have never even sung a song to save their lives battered him in his “ka fake” column in Sqoop, dude didn’t mind, he kept on grinding!

In true Ross’s spirit, dude is back with Dream Girl. It’s a typical Michael Ross jam! Dude is always finding dream girls but he never marries them! Mbu…you’re my dream girl… Ssebo Ross, if she’s your dream girl, why don’t you take her down the aisle! If it’s about the money, we in Sqoop have pledged Shs500,000 for you towards the wedding. We shall pay in in installments.

Onto the video, shot by Torque (Josh the Fixer’s company), behind a white screen, the video is good at costume (Ssebo the red boots and red top is a good look), editing and location too … love the yacht and Ross chilling, topless, with the ka hot vixen caressing his body! Wish it were me on that yacht with that ka babe.

The only issue with that picture was the bedroom scene. It all red in colour…Ross is in red, the colour is red, goodness, the scene at-times looked like Ross was in some fancy shrine! Why did the director have to “redden” the whole scene? What does colour red add in terms of effect to the video?

Another thing:  Why does Ross love that white background in most of his videos? Look at Clothes Off, that too had a white background! Good song. Good video.

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