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Big blue boots: Evon



Evon should sing more often. She should churn out many more quality creations of Afro-Soul, a kind of music that due to a shortage of talent, plus connivance by dance-floor influenced FM radio stations, has been largely kept away from the longing ears of Uganda’s music loving public.

Evon expertly applies herself in a sweetly form on Big Blue Boots, in ways that will give you reason to think of Eliza Doolittle or even Amy Winehouse as you listen. Back home, she will probably remind you of artistes like Maurice Kirya, one of a few that have trodden down this path recently. She sings about her fascination with a boy dressed in disproportionally big blue boots. And then she goes on to make a rhyme out of those three B-letter words on the bridge with charming effect.

Big Blue Boots is contemporary soul with an African sound. The song boasts a set of African drum beats, which start off the song. A subtle guitar keeps you company along the verses, strumming a very African tune that gets more defined on the chorus.

The result is a combination that is as pleasurable to listen to as is easy to dance to. Her voice is an added gem, a refined smooth at times almost whispery tone that is well adapted for its function. Listening to Evon will make you yearn for more, and ask when the next such song will come up.

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