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Gosh, I have never seen a movie with a plot as shallow and predicable as this one’s. The plot has really been overdone and it must be tired as well, only that it can’t complain. And what makes it so weak is that the flick is a 2011 one.

In the movie, after meeting with a renowned music video director Shark (Adam Senn), Video Girl (Meagan Good)’s lifestyle changes completely. Suddenly she is all over the silver screens and before long she is whisked away to Los Angeles to begin a new chapter in her life.

She finds herself struggling to stay grounded in this new, provocative and glamorous life full of so many tempting things like the possessive Shark. With her new lifestyle, it is inevitable not to change but the question is can she survive in the new world?

The graphics and costumes in the flick are trendy and Meagan Good is good to look at. But that is the only good thing about this movie and it doesn’t make it worth watching. Stay away from this one, it is too predictable to watch.

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