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How We Do remix - Keko, Radio and Weasel

How We Do remix - Keko, Radio and Weasel

We don’t masquerade around as some gurus when it comes to judging videos. However, like any Ugandan we are kinda opinionated in character. So, in that spirit of offering two cents on any topic, even when we are not asked to do so, below is our list of top 10 videos that we found kinda nice! If you don’t agree with us….who bloody cares honestly!?

Not in any particular order, the videos are:

Talk and Talk – Mowzey and Weasel: It was a “big budget” video and stood out mostly for its props that included a brass band, helicopter, bikes etc!

Oxygen – Aziz Azion: The simplicity coupled with the beautiful colour made this video a beautiful one.

Lengere Embatta – Pastor Bugembe: For a Christian dude, he really has nice videos. Most of his videos stick to the storyline and we love the way he uses secular artistes as actors in his videos.

Matanysi – Bobi Wine: Dude shot it in Dubai…c’mon! Okay it had some issues, but…
Magic Anthem – Goodlyfe Crew, Sizzaman, Washington, Maurice Hassa and Red Banton: This is how a “hardcore” raggamaffin Jamaican flavoured video, should look like…big up to Bashir!

Mungu Bwasalawo – Cindy: Good usage of colour plus great editing coupled with Cindy’s beauty on screen. Where does she do her hair?

Alive again – Juliana: It was a world class video. The locations, wardrobe, make-up and colour were on point.

How We Do remix – Keko, Radio and Weasel: The editing and the graphics were just on point. Little wonder it scooped a Channel O award.

Sheka Sheka – Davis Ntare: Shot in Nairobi, mastered in Nairobi, edited in Nairobi … please watch it and see how our brothers approach the video business!

Another Rap – President Museveni: You want another rap  …Yes Sevo …You want another rap… yes sevo … mpekoni, mpekoni mpekoni … ehh!  Who will ever forget that rap and video! Classic material … it even made it on CNN! Beat that Coco Finger and co.

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