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We missed Ange Noir: Good Lyfe

Doesn’t the thought of the Goodlyfe Crew having missed Ange Noir sound a bit ironical considering that Mowzey & Weasel sang a song titled Ekiduula, hitting at pioneer nightspot Ange noir discotheque over two years ago after they were banned from the club for fighting?

Well, the Good Lyfe Crew recently returned to Ange Noir discotheque. The duo made it clear that the management of the discotheque had lifted their ban long ago, but the Good Lyfe singers made a decision to stay away from the dance spot for sometime.

And trust the Good Lyfe for controversy. On the night of their return last Thursday, the singers went to the DJ booth and sent provocative messages to their nemesis Jose Chameleone on the microphones. Chameleone, who seemed to be taken up by his pool game didn’t seem bothered.

However, as he exited the club, the Good Lyfe singers and their manager attacked Chameleone as he entered his car. In fact  their manager Jeff, went ahead and hit Chameleone’s car as he challenged him to attack him, but Chameleone simply drove off. Mowzey and weasel returned to Ange Noir over the weekend and this time round, the duo told patrons that they actually missed the fun in Ange Noir.

The duo who also went ahead and apologised to Ange Noir proprietor Charlie Lubega, receiving wild cheers from patrons. The Good Lyfe singers promised to be peaceful. We are watching.

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