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THE MOVIE: Roommate

Title: Roommate
Starring: Minka Kelly, Leighton Meester, Daneel Harris, Cam Gigandet, Sharon Leal and Katerina Graham
Director: Christian E. Christiansen
Script writer: Sonny Mallhi and Robert Zemeckis
Genre: Thriller
Running time: 93 minutes
Now showing at Cineplex Cinema

If you went to boarding school at an early age or in secondary school, you must be familiar with all sorts of funny stories of events and people. Well, at college you never chose who your roommate would be and Sara Matthews (Minka Kelly) is just another college student who ends up sharing a room with a psycho.
For the start she ignores her and dismisses much of the peculiarities but with time she begins to suspect Rebecca Evans (Leighton Meester) is not the average roommate. Evans suddenly begins openly showing her obsession to spend time with Sara and wants to have her all to herself. She is willing to keep at bay anyone who wronged Sara or who she thinks is stealing Sara away from her. As the scenarios increase, Sara is inwardly uncomfortable but won’t openly show it. Not for long though. Rebecca is getting out of hand and she’s beginning to get overboard. How will Sara handle her?

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