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How Stecia caused panic at M7 victory concert

There was a lot of drama at the Museveni victory concert in Kololo recently. Forget about Bebe Cool’s fight with Kiwoko boys; because he is always fighting anyway. He was beaten up in Ntinda two weeks ago and last week he was involved in another scuffle at Steak Out.

But the more serious storm at Museveni’s concert was raised by Eagles Productions singer Stecia Mayanja, who was at the show under the band’s umbrella. When Stecia was called on stage, she decided to sing a love song titled Kantinti.

To some people who have been in politics, particularly on the NRM side, this Kantinti word sounded a little similar to someone’s name — someone they didn’t invite and didn’t even want to hear about (FDC’s Abdu Katuntu).

You could clearly see some uneasiness on people’s faces and one of the Eagles leaders Mesach Semakula sent band member Maureen Nantume to go on stage and tell Stecia to replace the name with, you guessed right, Kaguta!!

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