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Connie Tiffs

Flattery doesn’t cut it


I think we can all agree on this. Boy and girl talk can be quite interesting to listen to as long as one is not misplaced in the wrong camp. That is to say, a guy coiling up amidst babes and vice versa. However, while I may not know much about what happens or what guys talk about, their terms and stuff like that, it is intriguing to hear about a day in the life of an interesting lady.

Listening to how this chick, in the course of one day, got fuel free of charge at a petrol station, was pardoned by the traffic police man for a traffic offence, had a white gentleman in the corner sending a waitress to her so that she could order for anything on the menu while at a restaurant, had a man running after her from the shopping mall just to compliment her beauty, was treated to a series of free drinks from both the waiter and a smitten dude in the corner and had another guy paying up her bill while at the supermarket all in the name of “I have never seen anything as beautiful as you are” was quite catchy.

This chat made me believe that indeed men are a fascinating specie. I wonder what they stand to gain when they offer free things regardless of whether they have the means to do so or not. Look at the pump attendant for example who after putting fuel worth Shs50,000 in her tank, let the babe go without even asking for a penny but just wore a satisfactory smile as if this chick would remember him afterwards. Then the waiter, traffic officer etc,what do they stand to gain?

And who even tells them or has them convinced that a sweet comment or a grin from a stranger is worth all the trouble? I mean one can argue that sometimes, this is all that one needs to get something going but if it does not happen for the first time, how many grins, giggles, and apologies will one have to make for bumping into any cute girl and staging a mini skit, just to say, “I am sorry to say but you are very beautiful… I might look stupid, but please do not take it the wrong way…” Gosh, I cannot hold back the laughter by the way, I mean, the fact remains that after such a mini skit, you will still look, appear and be all the things that are being apologised for.

I do not know for sure, if it is within their nature to get bold and shake off the pride each time a babe takes their breath away but sometimes it is too much. And is it really true that by the time one exclaims about how gorgeous one is, they have indeed never seen such an image before? Let’s get real here, there are lots and lots of beautiful women around, does that imply that for each beautiful babe, one will send a comment, offer a drink, wink, give free fuel and the like? What is with the cheap means to please a lady or make an impression? By the time one makes an attempt to offer something, just to make a statement known, then it says a lot about their character, what they wish for and think of the supposed “most beautiful woman.”

And if you asked, me, these cheap ways of making a statement just read, “I am very insecure and would like you to see me, talk to me, greet me, each time you need fuel, a plate of food, etc, because through that, I can get your attention and if it is not for anything else, just see me for these tiny things.” Chances are that is how that woman will look at such a dude for the rest of their life. Well, well, sometimes, simplicity can be all that one needs, so instead of sweating out to make an impression, running up and down in order to get recognised and it does not work out in the end even, have some confidence, just be yourself  and go about it in a sane way.

While those moments of one’s insanity can be flattering to a lady with a low self esteem, the majority might be so displeased with the pretence, anger, intolerance that comes with the words, “thank you”, ‘it’s okay, I do not mind the compliments”, ‘I am not giving out my number” etc, etc.

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