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 Many called me fake, but I have disproved them- DJ Jacob Omutuuze

Jacob Ahimbisibwe, commonly known as DJ Jacob-Omutuuze

Deejay. Jacob Ahimbisibwe, commonly known as DJ Jacob-Omutuuze, is one of the longest serving presenters on Dembe FM. He also doubles as a deejay on Saturdays, who has won the hearts of many listeners, writes Nicolas Akasula.

How do you describe yourself?
DJ Jacob Omutuuze is a person of the people.

Why radio in all careers?
I love music and this is the kind of work one can do without being seen. I also drew inspiration from people like the late DJ Ronnie and artistes such as Bebe Cool and Juliana.

Do you have secret admirers?
I keep getting them almost every day. Some harbour love intentions, others come for counselling.

You are a love doctor and a deejay. Are you qualified to counsel people with relationship challenges?
To talk about love, you ought to have gone through hills and valleys in relationships. And that includes heartbreaks and happy moments. In Luganda there is a saying that; omugaanga teyegaanga- literally meaning; A witch cannot treat self”. That is why Jesus died a virgin. Do you know how many people he changed? He did not have his own time, but for others. He died and we still talk about him to date. The message herein is that you do not have to be in a perfect relationship to counsel others. Being a love doctor means putting yourself in the shoes of your listeners.

Have you ever felt like giving up on life? How did you overcome it?
The very first time I opened the microphone on radio, a certain listener called in and said; “You guy, you are fake”. I felt shattered and stopped picking listener’s calls during that show. I even failed to go back on air for a whole week.
Another time, a famous radio presenter I was working with, told my boss during a meeting, in my presence that I was not skilled enough to present a show on radio. I felt so belittled. I kept wondering if I would ever make it. I turned that negativity into inspiration to work even harder. And I believe, over the years, I have disapproved my critics.

What have you achieved from working on radio all these years?
Favour. I consider favour to be greater than riches. But if I must mention tangible achievements, I have made great friends, bought a piece of land and a car.

Has anyone ever come with a relationship testimony?
There is a listener who came to the radio station with a calf for me. He was coming from Kiboga District. He said he was going to commit suicide. But when he heard my words of encouragement on radio, he thought twice about it.

Musicians are complicated people to deal with. How do you cope?
I agree. Many are drunk with fame. But there are some sober ones. such as Juliana Kanyomozi, Eddy Kenzo, Rema, B2C, Spice Diana, Irene Ntale, Pallaso, Lyto Boss and City rock.
You normally air campaign songs. What are your campaign songs about?
My dad and brother succumbed to HIV/Aids. Whenever I come up with such campaigns, I am in a way raising awareness about HIV and other health issues and saving people from dying unknowingly. People who sleep around with multiple women are encouraged to change.

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