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Former Kim Kardashian assistant celebrates birthday in Uganda

Steph Shep. Courtesy Photo

Former Kim Kardashian’ s executive assistant secretly celebrated her birthday at Kagadi based local charity called Maisha holistic Africa as part of 30,000 panties project that she earlier unveiled.

It is understood that Steph Shep was invited to Uganda by Khana an American girl child organization that is giving out panties to school going girls in their bid to improve on menstrual hygiene.

Steph Shep is said to have distributed 7680 panties courtesy of Khana to several schools in Kagadi district and to local Charity Maisha Holistic Africa.

She took to her Instagram to post that, “A lot of young girls in Uganda miss school or drop out entirely because they have no means to deal with their monthly cycle! No girl should be left behind or miss out on opportunity because she gets her period.”

Milly Nassolo the proprietor of Maisha Holistic Africa confirmed that news and explained that the 30 year-old celebrity was in Uganda to give back to the girl child in a bid to promote menstrual hygiene as part of her birthday celebrations.

Steph Shep distributing reusable sanitary towels to the girls. Courtesy Photo


“She distributed re-usable sanitary towels, Knickers and other materials used by girls during menstruation,” Ms Milly explained.

On their Facebook post, Khana indicated that Steph Shep was in country and besides the 7680 Panties she helped champion the cause to raise more 33201 panties.

“Ultimately, because of supporters like you, 7,680 Khana panties have been distributed to girls all across Uganda, and an additional 33,201 panties have been funded thanks to Steph Shep’s birthday campaign. Today, we are closer than ever to a world where *every* girl has the panties she needs to manage menstruation and stay in school,” read the post.

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