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Rema’s new boo is not a doctor

Rema Namakula and her fiance. COURTESY PHOTOS

A few weeks ago, news that Rema Namakula had been engaged to a guy that was not Eddy Kenzo took social media by storm. It was also said that the two are planning an introduction ceremony very soon and so typical Ugandans or call them “online in-laws” of Eddy Kenzo and Rema started trying to find out who this new mysterious man was.

Some said he was a doctor practicing from Mulago hospital while others claimed that he was a gynecologist, all that was hearsay. Hamza Ssebunya, according to one of his friends (Names withheld) opened up to us and said that his buddy is not a Doctor as people claim but more of a medical supplier.

“Hamza is not a doctor, he does medical supplies and by that I mean, he supplies all stuff needed in clinical practices like gloves, facial masks, kidney plates, catheters, Needles, syringes, etc. He also supplies wheel chairs, and all other stuff needed in rehabilitation centers,” he said.

He further reveled to us that Ssebunya does all this from his company called Akron diagnostics and laboratory supplies Uganda and that he’s one of the main suppliers to most major hospitals and mostly serves agencies like the NGO’s who come to Uganda to help impoverished communities.

Furthermore, we were told that the groom-to-be makes a total that ranges from shs100million to shs300million in a month depending on the season.

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