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Andrew Benon Kibuuka disregards Maddox and Chameleone as legends

Andrew Benon Kibuka

There has been an ongoing argument on social media on who between Jose Chameleone and Maddox Sematimba is legend. A good number of social media users suggested Chameleone was more of a Legend than the later because of his contribution to the entertainment industry. This debate came just after Maddox said that Chameleone will not be performing at his ‘the Legend Live in Concert’ because he’s not yet a legend while being hosted on NTV’s Mwasuze Mutya, something that didn’t go down well with supporters of the Leone island boss.

The heated up debate has caught the attention of the Chairperson for Federation of Performing Artistes in Uganda (FPAU), Andrew Benon Kibuka who stated yesterday that both singers are not legends. The Bakayimbira dramactors actor emphasized while on an interview that none of the two artistes is even an inch within being called a legend because they have not yet worked much to earn the title.

“Both Maddox and Chameleone are not yet legends, they are still very young and active to call themselves legends. I don’t think they have surpassed the test of time,” said Kibuuka.

He gave examples of musicians like Philly Bongole Lutaaya, Elly Wamala, and Moses Matovu as some of the legends in Uganda.

“A person who has faded and outlived his prime years cannot be termed as a legend. It’s for people who have seen and done it all but are still role models for several people,” emphasized Kibuka on his description of a legend.



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