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Kabako, Saha, and Nwagi shut down Street Jam

Kabako thrilled performers at the Street Jam (Photo by Lawrence Ogwal)

Some musicians will impress with an instrument. Others will steal the show with their vocals but Roden Y shuts down events with just his movement and dance strokes. And that’s exactly what he did on Saturday evening in Masaka during the club music Masaka street jam.

Winnie Nwagi left the crowd yearning for more of her dance strokes (Photo By Lawrence Ogwal)

Despite having heavy hitters such as Rema, Winnie Nwagi and King Saha all lined up to perform, Roden Y stole the show. We would be lying if we say he performed any of his songs half way. He would literally just sample them, talk and move around the whole place like a headless chicken.

King Saha (Photo By Lawrence Ogwal)

Making pauses in the middle of the audience, on barricades and on top of chairs and tables. Twisting and turning his waist and letting a few female fans touch his body. “Another problem” he would say, an indication to the deejay to play another track. He did this on his songs like ‘Number emu’. Nanfuka’, Akasolo, Sitani Tonkema and Bitabuse among others. Even with this, the crowd wanted him to perform more but the organizers couldn’t let it happen as either the stage would have collapsed or him getting injured in the process because of his energetic dances.

Comedians Maulana and Reign cracked ribs (Photo By Lawrence Ogwal)

Winnie Nwagi too had a fairly good performance, tagging her dancers along. Their erotic dance moves made the ladies envious while the men wanted more.

Gravity Omutujju would on the other hand have had a splendid performance but the distortion in sound forced him to abandon the stage just after two songs.

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