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Diana Kahunde opens up about her marriage: A bed of thorns

Diana Kahunde at her kwanjula

When she tried to turn down the wedding proposal, thinking they were so much in a rush, he parked his car. Moving out, he stood at the edge of the Northern Bypass bridge swearing: “If you stop the wedding I’m going to kill myself.” Crying, he kept pushing her towards the moving cars. It was a terrible evening, but not a clear signal to Diana Kahunde of the emotional abuse that would follow soon.

Kahunde loves a good laugh. She laughs the first time you meet and will laugh as you are seeing her off. In fact, the only time we did not see her laughing was when she acted Annette Nandutu in the famous TV drama Hostel.

Judging her by her jolly persona and fame can be deceptive. You would imagine she has it all. Yet beneath her dimples, celebrity status and seemingly complete life are emotional struggles she is only learning to live with.

Like most young women, Kahunde had always dreamt of marriage. Hoping to find a husband with a character like her late father’s, but fate had a different package for her.

“For six years I had been in relationship with someone who loved his privacy. He was supportive and our relationship was moving on smoothly until our photos leaked in one tabloid,” she says. “For the first two times he was patient, the third time he quit.”

“‘I am not conformable with this’” Kahunde remembers his last words as he made his way through the door in 2013.



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