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Four One One

Still traumatized by the horror I saw in my wife’s hair- Ben Mwine

Ben Mwine and his wife Rachel Arinaitwe Mwine

A few weeks ago, Ben Mwine a radio personality and husband to former NTV news Anchor Rachel Arinaitwe shared a photo of himself opening up his wife’s hair.

“Unplait Mrs Mwine’s hair. Check. Are there marks for this sort of heroic activity….? Also I think women really need to find more effective and less messy ways of doing and undoing their hair. What’s with all the threads!!?”

Of course he was lauded by many women in the comment section, for being ‘the man’. He deserves it! How often do we see the men in our lives do that?

While we are at it though, is Mwine doing this one more time? Well, from what he shared on the Crystal Newman YouTube show, Mwine is still having a hard time erasing those memories out of his mind.

“I can tell you that it’s the first and the last time you will see me do that. It was a horrific experience. Never doing that again. It was my first and my last time. I can’t un-see what I saw in my wife’s head,” he said.

“Every time I look at her head now I have these horror images of the all the threads I saw under her hair. And then because of the way the hair is structured, it’s like there are three layers! There is fake hair, then there is thread, then there is her hair and then more threads. It looks like some someone got a bunch of threads, threw them in mud and then picked them up put them in her head, because of the oil.”

Oh well, the things women do for beauty! That smashing look comes at a cost; not just monetary, but also that stuff that Mwine mentions.

Blessing Dilys on the thread confessed to Mwine on the thread that, “Even us who get them fixed in our hair don’t understand but sometimes for you to achieve the hairstyle you need, you must accept the process as the hairdresser suggests.. It seems you’ve not experienced the combination of threads and hair pins… you’ll let me know.”

Mwine agrees it’s tough on the women. “I think the issue is most women never get to see what is underneath, they have no problem with it. But for me who saw it, no no no.”

“You look good on the outside and we get excited, but having seen what goes on behind the scenes, I think I am suffering from PTSD (Post-traumatic stress disorder). I am still traumatized by it, to be honest.”

Men always ask what women do for all those hours in the saloon…

“I think there has got to be someone who can come up with a better way of doing it. I am never complaining about how many hours my wife has to spend in the saloon.”

Ladies, looks like someone just spilled our secrets!

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Four One One

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