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Geosteady’s alleged baby mama cries out to Minister Nakiwala for help


Over the last one week, Singer George William Kigozi aka Geosteady has been engrossed in a paternity battle with a lady who claims she had an affair with him a few years back. Only identified as Nabweteme, the lady accuses Geosteady of child neglect.

However, the singer has denied the allegations and asked that the child be subjected to a DNA test.

But this did not go well with Nabweteme as she rolled on the ground and accused the singer of abandoning her and the child for all these years.

“Geosteady what is this that you have done to me. It should have been someone else. All these years what you have done to me is very terrible. Let’s go and do a DNA test, but you are the father of my child. You have put us through a lot with your negligence. I am tired of this life, your child wants you in his life you can’t keep denying him,” she wailed.  

Geostedy had turned up at her place with his manager and a policeman, but Nabweteme did not go with them. She later collapsed and was left at the mercy of the residents who had gathered to watch the mess.

Upon regaining her consciousness moments later, Nabweteme cried out to Youth and Children affairs Minister Nakiwala Kiyingi to help her out.

“Minister Nakiwala I ask you to come and help me out. Minister Nakiwala should be the one to take me for a DNA test,” she cried out.

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