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Spice Diana’s former head teacher fed-up of enrolling talented pupils

Spice Diana

If you asked any teacher, they will tell you that the most fulfilling part of their career is watching their former students go places and become better members of society. The other thing is seeing them return to give back their school.

However, it is a different story for the head Teacher of citizen primary school, where singers Spice Diana, Fic Fameica and Triplets Ghetto kids studied.

He is displeased at how much the artists have ignored a school that gave them a great foundation after they became celebrities. In fact, in an interview with Spark TV, he said he no longer wants to enrol talented students to school.

“The first person to bring celebrities to this school was Mr Dauda Kavuma with the Triplets Ghetto kids. He was a trainer of MDD at the school. He brought so many children; Spice Diana, Sumaya, Fic Fameica and many others,” he said.

At this point, however, we do not get him when he says the first celebrities to join the school were Ghetto Kids. Come on, these children are way younger than Spice Diana!

Anyway, he further expressed his frustration about how these former students have ignored the school in terms of development.

“They go out there, make money but never come back to raise their school. When they return, they ask why our school looks like this, yet it raised the big talents of this country,” he ranted.

“Look at how Museveni and Kagame went back to Ntare and made it look better. These celebrities pass by you in their range rovers and you are in your Noah and they do not want you to even say hello to them,” he added.

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