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4040 provides much more than support

On Friday evening, the Square in Industrial area looked like a playground. It had people forming groups to participate in different games such as cards, monopoly, scrabble and other board games among others. Much as it was fun, they had a very big motive as to why they all converged in one place. To give back to the needy and that was accomplished at the end of the evening under the 4040, an initiative aimed at inspiring Ugandans to engage in sustainable charity activities towards ensuring education and livelihood for vulnerable children and communities.

These responsible people also participated in karaoke while the biggest activity of the night was quiz. The different groups registered their preferred names before the games started and each team had from 10 to 15 players. Among the registered included Jubilewo, Fiscal policy, Infinities, Tukwatagane and floating Grill among and teams had from five to fifteen members. They were given ten questions and each question was worth 10 marks.

The Quiz had 5 rounds of questions about various topics which varied from identifying logos, to identifying people and winners won different prices for example a one night stay at Nile hotel Jinja, food coupons etc at the end of the evening. For those who couldn’t stand the tension, cheerleading was welcome while others just decided to play other games like FIFA Pro.

The purpose of the event is to raise funds that go towards the Angaza Literacy Program which supports the Quentin Junior School & Boston Junior School to improve on students learning outcomes.

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