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Janzi Band leaves Gabz Lounge Patrons in awe

Janzi band members entertain the guests during the Tusker malt music Lounge at Gabz Lounge

Janzi band members entertain the guests during the Tusker malt music Lounge at Gabz Lounge. Photo by Eddie Chicco

Following a successful launch in October last year, the Tusker Malt Music Lounge in conjunction with Janzi, an Afro Fusion and contemporary world music inspired band has continued to go to selected bars as it was the plan. While at the launch, it was said that under the Music Lounge, Janzi band will perform at selected bars every month for a whole year. This will also double as a chance to promote their album titled Eka.

The band was last Saturday at Gabz Lounge in Bugoloobi and they didn’t leave the revelers the same. Performing at Gabz Lounge for the first time, the band kicked off the show doing covers of different artists. Pages who is their lead singer performed as he was back by a guitarist, a saxophonist, on the drums and another band member on the keyboard.

They performed covers of old school songs like Mama Africa by Peter Tosh, they did Kanyimbe by Julianna Kanyomozi and most of the covers at the beginning of the show was South African music and since it was the Bob Marley week, some of his songs were also performed by the band.

Besides covers, Janz band performed songs off their Eka album and some of these include Africa, Just a Dream, Ngaali, Njabala and Riverboard among others.

Towards the end of the show, Pages performed more of local dancehalls song and these got the revelers on their feet. He sang to songs like Onabayo and Amina by Ykee Benda, Atakutya Gwentya by Mun*G and tukwatagane by John Blaq. When the band was leaving stage, the revelers who already seemed drunk with their tables painted Tusker Malt Lager since it was the only beer on sale started shouting on more in show of not being satisfied by the performance. The band came and performed a Lingala song and called it a night at a few minutes after 11pm. The revelers went on with the night as many left at leisure.

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