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Zari and Boss Mutoto get cosy

Zari and Boss Mutoto at Davido’s 30 million concert on 31st December 2018

Few people know what Boss Mutoto really does for a living as he’s always spending money, hanging out with socialites and so on but yesterday, we found out that she might be much more than just a socialite.

Going by a video we came across, Boss Mutoto and Zari might be having something much more than friendship as earlier expected.

In the clip Boss Mutoto is seen pecking Zari’s cheeks while she was whispering sweet nothings to him.

“Hey babe, I missed you so much,” was what Zari said and in response, Boss Mutoto replied “I missed you too.” Perhaps because Zari had taken some good months out of Uganda.

The two were in each other’s hands during the ‘30 billion concert’ at Pearl of Africa hotel as Ugandans were ushering in the New Year.

Mutoto has always been by Zari’s side since the death of Ivan Ssemwanga and since then, he has offered a shoulder for her to lean on.

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