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I’m going into inspirational music- Jackie Chandiru

Jackie Chandiru

Jackie Chandiru

2019 is a new year and a new Jackie Chandiru. After her long break from her music career, Chandiru is back with a bang.

The singer has joined Twitter and released her ‘first’ song, six months after she returned from rehab.

Titled Mi Ora Ku (in the local dialect Lugbara), the song means ‘do not worry.’

Appearing on KFM Monday morning, Chandiru revealed that she is going to delve more into singing inspirational music.

“I wrote the song a few years back before I went into rehab. I recorded it and I was not happy with the sound,” she said.

On whether she was considering being a gospel artist following her testimony at Pastor Kayanja’s 77 days of glory fellowship, Chandiru said she has always sang gospel but in an abstract format.

“Whenever I am writing a song, I write according to what I feel, what I am going through at the moment, that is how I vent my feelings instead of bottling them up,” she said.

“I want to inspire someone out there, and this is just the beginning. Expect more inspirational music.”

On dancing

It should be noted that before she got messed up, Chandiru was an energetic dancer. Her energy would be felt even in her videos.

Must as she is picking up the energy to dance, the artist says it is not the way it used to be, especially for health reasons.

“I am now a grown married woman, I can’t dance the way I used to. Even the way I dress is different.”

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