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I don’t belong to People Power, neither was I paid to do Tuliyambala Engule cover- Nshuti

Nshuti Mbabazi, the cover girl

Nshuti Mbabazi is one of the female singers that are known for doing only cover songs of different local artistes with her guitar and her voice. She came to the limelight last year after the death of Mowzey Radio when she did Tambula Nange, which was Mowzey’s last release.

Nshuti continued to do songs of several local artistes like Juliana Kanyomozi, Kabuye Ssembogo and Irene Namubiru among others. The singer born in Rwanda and raised in Uganda caused controversy when she did the cover of Bobi Wine’s song titled Tuliyambala Engule.

The song, which is revolutionary, preaches that at one point Ugandans will wear the victor’s crown, when it is all over.

This is the second Bobi Wine cover done by Nshuti after Situka Tutambula. Nshuti has started getting criticized by her fans and others saying she will land into problems doing a song that is anti-government.

But Nshuti says she doesn’t belong to People Power neither was she paid to do the cover of the song but she thought she would do it without seeking advice from any other person.

“I do songs that are very lyrical and have a lot of music in them,” Nshuti said. She added that the first time she heard the song it reminded her of how she got to the microphone to sing a certain song during church choir because she felt nostalgic. To remind herself of the good old days, she decided to do Tuliyambala Engule because it is one of her favourite songs so far.

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