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‘I ate school fees,’ Bad black defends Hodulop

Socialite Bad Black

From the time she asked Jonah to close the hodulop and return to the sitting loom, socialite Shanitah Namuyimba aka Bad Black has been the talk of the Internet.

She has also taken advantage of the attention, to release at least a video a day, with her son Jonah as the main character and English as the click bait.

In a Facebook video shared by Hot 100, Bad black said she does not want to prove a point with her poor English.

“You know in Uganda, when you have eaten school fees, you have no crime.”

“I speak to my children in English, because they study from Rainbow international school, so I have to try and speak English,” she said.

She also said she is back in the socialite business to give fellow slay queens a run for their money and will not allow to lag behind the business

“I star never dies. I am a hard working woman, I cant allow slay queens to beat me at my game, so I have to work hard, even if it means speaking poor English.”

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