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Church member found with 25 stolen chairs



Christians were shocked upon learning that a female church member was found in possession of some chairs that had disappeared from an Anglican Church in Lira Town.

The suspect was arrested on Monday after the church authorities and Christians mounted a search for the missing chairs.

At least 25 chairs were found in her possession, according to police.

The suspect now under custody at Starch Factory Police Post allegedly stole the chairs from St Janani Luwum Church of Uganda to start a restaurant.

The church is located at Starch Factory, Adyel Division in Lira Municipality.

Ms Lucy Atim, a Christian, said: “I was surprised that some of the chairs which had been disappearing from our church were being stolen by one of our church members.”


Rev Thomas Ebwolo said yesterday that the suspect first started by stealing 15 chairs last month.

Later, she stole another four chairs and on Sunday night, she stole additional six chairs, he added.

“We discovered the chairs in her restaurant, but she had tried to remove the marks we had inscribed on our chairs, but we were able to identify them and some of the chairs have been recovered and she also confessed to police that she has been stealing the chairs,” Mr Ebwolo said.

The North Kyoga regional police spokesman, Mr David Ongom Mudong, said police was still investigating the matter because some furniture is still missing.

“It is true we have got that report, but our team is still investigating the matter because all the church properties have not yet been recovered,” Mr Ongom told this reporter.

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