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Four One One

Dorothy Shonga can’t afford to be with a person that accepts sex from everyone and everything

Dorothy Shonga

Dorothy Shonga has come out to address the cheating rumors surrounding her husband Herbert. The socialite couple has gone through serious adulterous times that at some point even resulted in separation when Herbert hooked another the Public Relations Manager of Space Lounge, Sheilat Murungi.

Herbert, however, apologized and reconciled with the mother of children who had even relocated back to her home country Malawi. It wasn’t long before she was on a plane back to Uganda with her children.

But a few months after their glorious return, the cheating rumors resurfaced with many saying that Herbert was having an affair with singer Sasha Brighton. Sasha Brighton was on a number of occasions found wearing clothes said to be belonging to Dorothy. Sasha and Herbert were also photographed together on a number of occasions.

In all this though, Dorothy was silent. She in fact asked her followers to vote for her husband in the just concluded ASFAs.

Last week, however, another girl known as Annie Heavens was reported by some bloggers to be carrying Herbert Shonga’s child. The Annie has posted a number of social media posts allegedly attacking Sasha Brighton.

The Shongas on their wedding day.

It looks like the drama and rumors have once again gotten to Dorothy who yesterday took to social media ranting about cheating partners. The mother of three posted a screenshot of a Facebook post whose author she had deliberately cropped out.

“Unfaithful lovers will make you hate yourself. They will make you feel inadequate and something is wrong with you. I do not know who else needs to read this but you are not responsible for the immorality of your lover,” The post read in part.

Although she put a disclaimer that readers should not take the post personal, it seems to insinuate that she is already planning to move on from the adulterous marriage.

“It’s difficult but starting to plan to move on to better things is always better. We all deserve to be respected and loved.…With all the diseases out there, you can’t afford to be with a person that accepts sex from everyone and everything, Its more than physical. It’s spiritual too,” the post partly read.

Dorothy later said she was using the post as a means to find out what people think of her relationship.

“Since I got to know people who are waiting for my break up on social media are more than those waiting for Christ I changed my strategy and I laugh loud when I see their expectancy confused. My previous post can tell.”

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