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Chameleone was only invited to inspire Kyambogo graduates

Jose Chameleone poses in a graduation gown

Yesterday, pictures of musician Jose Chameleone in a university gown circulated on social media with no caption on them. This raised many questions in the public, with many asking when the musician went back to school, which university and most importantly which course he graduated with.

But the ‘Valu valu’ musician didn’t respond, spiralling suspicions. To wipe out any more suspicions, we sought out to his crew to find out the truth. Turns out the singer wore the gown because he was hired to inspire and motivate graduates at Kyambogo University.

According to one of his managers known as Fred Zink Kinene, Chameleon was paid to talk to graduates who had completed courses in arts and science and drama. “He hasn’t graduated but because he was hired to inspire and motivate those who were graduating, he had to also wear the gown.

He inspired students who were doing arts and science, drama, entertainment, recording and videography,” said Mr Kinene. He also added that this is not the first time the musician is doing this as he did the same last year at Cavendish University.

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