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Bebe Cool can support Museveni, his choice- Bidandi Ssali

Bebe Cool, Bidandi ssali

Singer bebe Cool’s father Mr Bidandi Ssali has said he has no problem with his son’s political choices.

In an interview with Daily Monitor, Ssali, who is also Museveni’s political rival, said he has lived his own life, while his children have lived theirs.

“I have got many and each one of them has decided to go his or her own way. At no time has anyone of them consulted me to say, ‘may I go this way or may I not go this way?’ And even if they tried [to consult] as some of them did, I said well, this is how I look at it but the decision is yours,” he said.

Though people think Ssali was not happy with his son Bebe Cool on the way he moves with President Museveni, Ssali said, “No, that is not a problem for me at all. Even if my wife decided to go and campaign for Mr Museveni, I have no problem.”

On whether Bebe Cool had stopped answering his phone calls, because he apparently tried to stop him from publicly backing Museveni, Ssali had this to say.

“No, that is a lie. We are good friends with my son. He normally comes here. He gives me regular maintenance allowance, so I have no problem with my son.”


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