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Oxford student who married herself raises full tuition

Lulu Jemimah got ‘married’ to herself in Uganda in August (pictured) after she grew tired of being asked when she was going to find a husband and settle down. PHOTO BY DAILY MAIL

A few months ago, Lulu Jemimah took the Internet by storm when she got ‘married’ to herself, to end pressure from her parents, to bring home a son-in-law.

Jemimah also shared her dreams of finalizing her Masters Degree at Oxford University, and went ahead to create a go fund me campaign, as she was restrained by funding.

“Last year, I applied to three UK universities, was admitted but without funding. Then I applied and was accepted into the two-year Mst. in Creative Writing program at Oxford,” part of her story reads.

“When I got into Oxford, I needed over 20.000 pounds for the tuition. I looked for scholarships, grants and even contacted embassies and government bodies. I considered taking out a loan but was told, as an international student, I was not eligible. I decided to do one of the scariest things. I turned to the public for help,” she adds.

In only one month, the campaign has raised £10,694 (approximately Shs51.6 million), surpassing her goal of £10,194 (Approximately Shs49 million). All this was raised by only 169 people globally.

In Uganda, former radio personality Siima Sabiti and Bernard Mukasa a city lawyer held a mock wedding, to contribute to the cause.

With an entrance fee of Shs20,000 for early birds and Shs30,000 for late comers, the wedding raised Shs7,725,700.

We wish you the best, Jemimah! Fly Higher!

Jemimah shared her excitement with her twitter fans on Saturday. “WOOOOOO HOOOOOOOO £10,194 of £10,194 raised in one month by the global village. See you soon @UniofOxford A BIG THANK YOU TO EVERYONE WHO MADE THIS POSSIBLE. Let me call my mother.”

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