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Liberia bans wigs, coloured hair in offices

An example of coloured hair

It all started here in Uganda, when the Ministry of Public service issued dress code guidelines for all civil servants.

The bug has now spread to Liberia in West Africa. At the country’s Ministry of Finance, female employees have been banned from wearing coloured hair extensions and wigs, BBC Africa Live reports.

But many have described the move as discriminatory.

“The policy at the Ministry of Finance and Development Planning is discriminatory, how does the hair colour of a woman affect the contribution she has to make to the overall goal of the ministry of finance?” a respondent in BBC’s interview questioned.

“The laws and policies that are being crafted in our country is really influenced by our patriarchal system that attempts to control a woman’s body, the way she looks, the decision she makes, so that is the key problem,” she stressed.

However, another person supported the policy.

“… looking at our environment and seeing people come in with other lousy colour of hair more especially for employees, for me I think is a good one. At least to know how they dress, pink hair; you find it in a club, not to a working environment.”

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