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Kansiime’s ex-husband Ojok pulls out of Kubby’s bar

Comedienne Ann Kansiime and Ojok, when they were still together

When Anne Kansiime and husband Gerald Ojok called it quits on their relationship sometime last year, something remained binding them — Kubby’s Bar, which they co-operated.

Ojok was in charge of running the bar operations amid Kansiime’s busy schedule, but now he has decided to completely pull out. From what we hear, Kansiime has changed all the staff at the bar and even switched up things to remove any trace of her ex-husband.

While a source close to Kansiime told us that Kubby’s was collapsing when Ojok was running it because of poor management, someone close to Ojok said the bar was being run down by the comedienne’s friends.

Anyway whatever the case, we hear that at least Ojok managed to run back to his first love – lecturing, so at least he is not grassing after all.

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