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I haven’t quit The Ebonies or my marriage – Julie Underwood

Julie Underwood (R) and her husband Farouk Sempala at their introduction ceremony

Today, social media has been awash with rumours that Ebonies star Julie Underwood had quit the group, as well as her marriage to Farouk Sempala, for a green card in the US.

According to the rumours, Underwood got frustrated with life in Uganda and moved to the US with the help of her sister.

But the long time actress says none of that is true.

In a Facebook post, Underwood disputed the claims and said she is in the US on maternity leave.

“Am reading a lot of rumours on social media regarding my going to the USA and they are affecting my reputation, my image,” the post reads in part.

“First and foremost I didn’t leave The Ebonies.. I got maternity leave, my boss granted it. Secondly my fiancée Pharouque Sempala is fully aware of my trip and he fully sponsored it.”

She further noted that she went to the US to deliver her baby, as well as visit her sick sister.

“I couldn’t travel at a later time because then I would be too heavy. But please, I beg let my family live in peace. My fiancée is aware of everything… Thank you.”

In an unclear post, Mr Sempala, her fiancé seemed to dispute the rumours as well.

“If every NOSEY and NOISEY person won the talk, the Hadeba Ibis would be the king of birds. Especially if the pondering and reasoning is as loose as an elastic band of an old petticoat.”

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