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HASHTAGS: Introducing DJ Gashumba and his violent hits

We were not ready. It caught us off guard. The Gashumbas have more than once been topics on the timeline, so when the news came in that the house was like a club and Frank was the DJ dropping hits only, our ears became alert to fish out the details.

There are a few givens to consider regarding this situation. Sheila Gashumba started enjoying the spotlight and living the Ugandan dream at an early age.

As an adolescent, she was already on a legit hustle, on one of the TVs in town. A major part of her growing up was in the spotlight, punctuating her growing career satisfactorily. Frank Gashumba, her father, a self proclaimed pan Africanist was expected to be the African father that says his daughter must finish school first. He didn’t, rather openly rallying behind his little girl as she juggled work, transition to youth, and school.

At a certain point he bragged to an angry mob of Makerere students about his beautiful daughter and they pelted him with whatever they could land their hands on, but that is a story for another day. Gashumba was a remarkably supporting dad.

Sheila is now a big girl. She is making her own money and paying her own bills. She is even getting to relate with Kampala’s socialites and public figures, now rumoured to be dating Fresh Bwouy Fik Fameika.

It would only be fair that she feels the air of growing up, hence staggering home with a couple of friends deemed ‘wrong company’ by Frank. On top of that, it was way past her curfew hours, and she dared to open her mouth and talk back to him through that wide gap in her teeth.

That is where the story begins

Frank isn’t about to spare the road. He doesn’t want bad people spoiling his girl so he got to keep her in check. He is a Mr house my rules kind of man

Of course, every newsworthy incident on the timeline does not leave the streets the same

For the work done, some opined that Frank’s skills could be useful somewhere else for a bigger payout if he thought about it

The incident also taught us that we should be our sister’s keeper

On the bright side for Sheila, it could have been worse

There is always that one guy that says something the rest of the timeline has been trying to forget. There is always that guy

Besides, someone else could use a few hits for self reflection, or alert the parents of a need for a surprise visit to their kids’ hostels

With all that said and done, the lady of the moment comes in to close it all.

I am on a new task this week and it is to find Frank Gashumba’s number. Clearly anytime I will need to go physical or teach someone a tough lesson, I know who to call.

Joshua Mulwana is on twitter as @PirateMulwana

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